Drug which Increase Potency. The Circumstances for its Practice.

old-man-bed.jpg.image.784.410Many men have difficulties with potency and if it started after 40-45 years, now much earlier. This is facilitated not only bad environmental conditions but an unhealthy lifestyle, constant stress. Regardless of age, a man wants to pleasure a woman, and without proper erection it is impossible.
Today, there are a lot of drugs that improve erection and give the man a chance to save his sex life. One of such preparations is Cialis with active ingredient tadalafil. If men do not have serious diseases of the kidneys, liver, and heart, there is no deformation of the penis, then the pills Cialis 5 mg it is possible and without a doctor’s prescription, but it is better before taking this medication, consult your doctor, as you may not know about all their illnesses. Doctors are not recommended to take Cialis with drugs with similar action.
young-man-doctor-appointment-e1447445892473You can’t take tadalafil if you are under 18 years of age. You must take the pill regardless of the meal and no later than 20 minutes before intercourse.
If the patient has erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to identify its root, it is necessary for a complete examination, you can then define the treatment.
When men have complications with the cardiovascular system, sexual activity, which funds to the drug may adversely affect his health. If the erection after taking Cialis continues for more than 4 hours, you should go to the doctor. If not treated priapism, this can damage the muscles of the penis, which often entail irreversible potency.
As for the captivating medication, there are certain features:
• The recommended maximum dose of 20 milligrams of tadalafil in the day, more ca not is accepted.
• If the patient gets a lot of sex, then it is enough 5 mg 1 time per day, which he has to take daily. The reception can be performed regardless of the meal but at the same time. Depending on the sensitivity of men dose with Cialis (5 mg) can be reduced by half.
• The maximum daily dose of Cialis 20 mg. For the patient who has sex rarely, it is not enough Cialis 5 mg and he needs to take 20 milligrams of the drug shortly before sexual intercourse.
Subsequently, when men allocate the quantified resources must focus on his sensitivity and how often he has sex, depending on this take Cialis 5 mg daily or 20 milligrams of the drug before each act of intercourse.

man-woman-in-bedSerious outcomes receiving of tadalafil is not. They can be expressed with a headache and impaired digestion, redness of the cheeks and runny nose. Overdose will lead to the emergence of allergic reactions.
In General, men indicate not only that Cialis increases the potency but also increases sexual desire, the penis is excited even from easy to its touch. There are a lot of reviews from men who have practiced this remedy and almost all of them positive. This designates that tablets tadalafil really effectively help to restore erections in men.
The main condition for a successful act of pills is the presence of natural sexual arousal. Medication can’t help a man if he has sexual desire. Therefore, if your couple is faced with such a problem as sexual dysfunction, you should pay more consideration to your sexual relationship. Try something new, pay more attention to caresses and prelude to upgrade sexual desire.