Tadalafil as a Progressive Method of ED Treatment.

Neurological-Erectile-DysfunctionTadalafil is a synthetically produced agent, which is widely used for the treatment of such conditions as impotence, erectile dysfunction, and enlarged prostate. It is the main active ingredient of Cialis – the well-known “men’s” drug. The effect of tadalafil was discovered at the beginning of the 21st century, and in 2003 Cialis was officially registered as a brand name and released to the market. Today it is a popular and available almost to everyone drug. More and more men worldwide buy tadalafil online and successfully use it for the treatment of their intimate problems.

The mechanism of action of tadalafil (as well as any tadalafil generic) is based on its vasodilative effect. As you probably know, erection of the penis occurs due to the filling up of the cavernous body with blood. As a man grows older, his blood vessels gradually lose their flexibility and become more clamped. As a result, when the man gets sexually aroused, his vessels instead of widening stay clamped, and the powerful blood flow can not reach pelvic organs. This gives a too weak erection. Such a condition is called erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, over the last decades, ED has become flaccid-and-erect-penis-8colas wide-spread as never before, touching upon not only the seniors but relatively young men as well. To a large extent, this is explained by worsening ecological situations and unhealthy lifestyle of the younger generation.

As for the effect of Cialis (tadalafil), it relaxes the smooth muscles that regulate vessels work. As a result, when a man gets sexually aroused, his brains send a signal to his muscles, which with the help of Cialis easily get relax and let the blood flow freely to the penis, causing a firm erection.

In every specific case tadalafil, dosage can be different. The daily volume of the drug should be prescribed by a doctor only. I depend on several factors including the overall state of health, body weight, age, absence or presence of contraindications, the cause and the degree of the erectile dysfunction and so on. A specialist should estimate all the factors taken together and prescribe a needed dose of the drug. Keep in mind that Cialis and generic tadalafil is always taken no more than once a day. Also, it is strongly not recommended to increase the prescribed dose.

man-and-woman-sleeping-together-on-bedIf used properly, tadalafil is a great remedy in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. However, do not wait for a magic effect. Cialis does not cure impotence completely – it just has a symptomatic effect. Also, contrary to a popular belief, it is not a sexual stimulator. Tadalafil does not boost sexual drive and does not relate to aphrodisiacs. But it is successfully used all over the world for the treatment of ED and is well-known for its long-lasting action and high effectiveness. And from year to year more and more men in different corners of the world choose this magic pill for resolving their most delicate and deeply intimate issues.